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Jan Matejak is engaged in teaching and painting oil paintings using the layered technique of the old Flemish masters and the technique of alla prima. He specializes in Renaissance glazing techniques and in the study of technical aspects of Old Master techniques. Its aim is not only to rediscover the qualities, skills and knowledge of the old masters, but above all to disseminate this knowledge and skills across regions, countries and continents to people keen to paint classical work.

Driven by internal urge, he created and runs a website where not only educational texts, PDF files but also educational videos are available. Thanks to this philanthropic approach, potential people interested in this art can not only begin to learn the basics of technology, but above all avoid the flaws, mistakes and dead ends that are inherent to all beginnings.



Teaching experience:

2014 - 2016 Lecturer in the private studio of MgA Tomáš Kubík Prague

2016 - 2017 Lecturer in the private studio Art Institute Prague

2019 Lecturer in private atelier Art atelier Painting drawing, z.s. Prague


Finalist Artists of the Year 2017 LONDON competition

Finalist of 14th ARC Salon USA 2019




Questions and comments please address to matejakjan@gmail.com
Ing. Jan Matěják