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framemytv1083-----kopie.jpgJan Matejak deals with the 7 layers Flemish technique of the old masters. This technique was invented more than 500 years ago. If you visit the museum and view the pictures painted by Flemish masters you will find that the color quality and overall condition of the paintings are great despite their age. The paintings appear like painted recently. This stems from its own technical procedure. This procedure needs to be followed to maintain the required quality. The essence of the Flemish masters is painting and putting underlayers and layers of color over each other. Applying layers of paint make them shine through the layers and thus created color effects that can not be achieved by other techniques. (Eg painting alla prima). It is rather difficult and lengthy process. This technique is very time-consuming. Each layer takes time (1-5 weeks) for drying and therefore it is good to work on multiple images at once. Personally, I always paint 3-4 paintings simultaneously.  Each of these images is in various stages of the process which allows me to work on one painting while the others can dry.

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Ing. Jan Matěják