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PDF tutorials

In this section you will find PDF files with the description of the creation of specific paintings. PDF contains useful tips, instructions and photos that I took during painting. If you have a question please write to matejakjan@gmail.com

At present there are plenty of books and painting publications available on our market. But these books usually have a common shortcoming. It is a small information value for practical use in one's own creation. In most books you can read about the life of the artist about his creation and inspiration etc. In the books on fine arts quite often there is also a verbal description of some specific work of the artist on several pages. None of this however will disclose those interested in art or painting in which way such paintings can be painted or created. The electronic publications offered by me are focused only on the technical aspect of making a particular piece of work. PDF files will help you understand the complex technical construction of the oil painting and will also provide the basic practical information you can use to create your own artwork.

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