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Consultation / ON LINE

Consultation / ON LINE

Do you want to know how to proceed with your work or your painting. Do you need advice on what material or suitable paint brushes to use? Want to discuss your work  what needs to be improved or edited? I offer private tutorial lessons.

ON LINE lessons - through SKYPE, FB or WHATS APP applications. We will discuss the time and subject matter of the consultation by mail or telephone


Suggested topics for consultation:

- fundamentals of color theory, types and choice of color scale

- Color harmony, ways of mixing colors, Munssel's color atlas

- theory of light and shadow, valeristic lighting, tonality, contrast.

- composition, choice of model

- underpainting, types of underpainting, function of underpainting

- applying underpainting, preparing colors for underpainting

- color layers, glazing

- details, light and mirror reflections, textures of objects


 If you are interested, please write to matejakjan@gmail.com or call  + 420 601 574 527