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My website matejakart.com  aims to the general public with artistic activities especially oilpainting. Marked by the lack of essential information  when I was young boy, the desire to provide all amateur creators like me and those who are interested in, has started to flourish in me  and I want to help to everyone manage what I have learned over the years. For several years now I have been creating a website on my own (for example, video tutorials are made by mobile phone) and from my own financial resources. I would like to buy the necessary equipment such as camera, studio lighting, microphone, video editing software, etc., to increase the level of information to provide to the general public, and to raise the web to a professional level.

If you decide to contribute in any way, I will be very grateful to you and appreciate the help that each of you will offer.

Thank you all for your support!

Jan Matěják